What Does It Mean When You See a Blue Jay 2021

Blue jays are beautiful small birds that sing as well. This North American bird is well-known for its amazing blue color, along with white chest and underparts. More interestingly, blue jays can mimic sounds from other birds, even humans if trained. 

But this article is not about what a blue can or can’t do. If you are a believer in symbolism and spirit animals, you will find this post very helpful. If you think the blue jay is your spirit animal, then you should consider yourself very lucky! It is one of the most powerful spirit animals you can have! A blue jay in character is determine, aggressive, curious, and passionate. You might have some similar traits if it is your spirit animal. 

In this article, you will get detailed information about blue jay being a spirit animal and the power it possesses. In addition, I will also tell you about when to consider blue jay as your spirit animal.  

Blue Jay Symbolism

In most of the beliefs, blue jay is considered as a symbol of intelligence, communication, and curiosity. It means, the people who have blue jay as their spirit animal are quite determined and intelligent. In addition, this bird might also represent courage and protection. When you see a blue jay, you might think yourself safe from all the ills of the world at it gives protection to you.

For instance, the Red Cardinal is there to transfer the wisdom from the spiritual world to our realm and offer us protection and guidance. Blue Jay, on the other hand, is a symbol of curiosity, communication, and intelligence. That basically means that Blue Jay people are wise and determined individuals.

Some other faiths think that blue jay also represents clarity. It is because the bird has the colors of a clear sky. A clear sky is blue with white clouds, and a blue jay also have these two colors in its body. The sky is considered the ultimate symbol of clarity. So it’s no surprise that blue jay is very often associated to clarity. If you believe this, then you should sense clarity in your life after seeing a blue jay. This means, the struggles and challenges that you are facing currently in your life will end very soon, and you are about to experience peace of mind very soon. 

The blue jay might give you different messages with its gestures as well. It uses a wide variety of vocalizations to send messages. If blue jay is your spirit animal, then you might have this same trait. On that case you probably use a wide variety of vocalizations to express your desires and needs. 

As blue jays are song birds, blue jay persons like to talk a lot as well. These people are generally good at communication, politics, and public speaking. They are fearless in nature and can go enormous heights when they stand for a cause. In most of the time these individuals are kind and friendly in nature, but they can be ferocious at times when they face their opponents. 

If you receive a sign from a blue jay, then it might even be an indicator that you will be able to defeat your opponents even if they seem tougher than you. In addition, a blue jay is often times considered as a symbol of truth. That’s why for blue jay people truth is most important than anything else. They don’t try to deviate from truth even when their own interests are at jeopardy. That’s why these people are trustful and loyal. For these positive character traits blue jay people are loved and respected by the people who surround them.


When blue is your spirit animal, it means that you possess some specific character traits. The following character traits are most probably associated to you if blue jay is your spirit animal. 

  • Protection: As the blue jay itself is very protective and fearless, you possess the same features in terms of protectiveness. Just like the blue jay, you want to protect your habitat at any cost. Due to the fearless side of your character, you are not afraid of risking yourself in doing so. 


Blue jay is quite fierce when it comes to fighting predators. It being your spirit animal, probably you are fierce as well when someone tries to harm your habitat or your close ones. You should be really proud of yourself, as you don’t mind putting yourself under fire when it comes to protection what you care. 


  • Loyalty: If blue jay is your spirit animal, then most likely you are a person who is trusted by a lot of people because of your loyalty. Your friendship and relationships tend to last long, and you never betray anyone who put their trust on you. This is a characteristic which is quite rare to come by these days, so you should be happy if blue jay is your spirit animal. 


  • Communication: Blue jay is one of the most talkative birds you’ll ever come across, and its way of communication is very subtle as well. As it is able to communicate by replicating other birds’ tones, you should be able to communicate with others in their tones as well, of course in a figurative manner. 


As you are this good in communication, you expect nothing less from the others as well. In relationships and friendships, communication is extremely important for you and people who are bad at communicating their thoughts are not likely to become someone close to you. 


  • Truth: Truth impacts your life in two different ways if blue jay is your spirit animal. First of all, you are a truthful person yourself. You want to hold on to the truth no matter what, and this characteristic of yours has helped you to gain the trust of people who know you. 


Secondly, you love to search for the truth. Searching for truth gives you a different meaning to your life. When you are successful in finding the truth, it makes you happy. At times, truth matters to you even more than happiness. Even if the truth is hurtful, you won’t shy away from that. You might get hurt at times because of that, but you are strong enough to take it. 


  • Intelligence: People whose spirit animal is blue jay, are very intelligent in nature. With their high level of intelligence, they are able to solve many complex problems easily. This characteristic has also made these people very reliable. Their friends and family members come to them for advice and suggestions. 

More importantly, these people don’t use their intelligence for malicious purposes, rather they use it for the good of the world and their close people. 

  • Endurance: You are a tough cookie if blue jay is your spirit animal. You won’t go down without a fight, and even if you go down, you are going to stand up stronger. Blue jay builds its nest on Oak trees, which itself is a sign of longevity. Choosing blue jay as your spirit animal means you can show endurance under pressure situations where most others would crumble. 


  • Curiosity: As you’ve already read above, you seek for the truth if blue jay is your spirit animal. Truth is not the only thing you seek for if that is the case. Rather you seek for the answers to all the questions that bugs you. You are a very curious soul who wants to know about all the mysteries of the world. 


You want to know about anything that is happening in the world around you. Moreover, you appreciate other’s quest for knowledge as well. You inspire your peers to seek for answers of unanswered questions, and you can significantly motivate them in doing so. 


  • Flexibility: Probably you have seen blue jay nests in many unexpected places. Due to the endurance, this bird can survive under such conditions that surprise many. However, apart from endurance, there is another characteristic that helps blue jays to adapt so well with different conditions. That characteristic is flexibility. 


If blue jay is your spirit animal by any chance, then you also act like a very flexible person. You don’t find it difficult to adjust to different situation. Moreover, you can also turn the tables and turn the unpleasant condition favorable to you and get benefited from that. Because of your easy going nature, many people show their love and respect to you on a very frequent basis. 


  • Courage: Last but not the least, you are a very courageous person if blue jay is your spirit animal. You don’t mind putting yourself under risky situations and try to achieve seemingly impossible goals. You rather love taking challenges that are feared by others and want to win it over with that brave heart of yours. 

Because of your courageous nature, you might find yourself in unpleasant situations more often than not, but you don’t mind it because you can successfully find your way out by using your intelligence. 

So, if blue jay is indeed your spirit animal, you have a lot of reasons to feel good about yourself. It comes with so many wonderful characteristics that it makes you a complete package of a human being. 

What does it Mean if You See a Blue Jay in Your Dream

When you have a spirit animal, it is very much possible that you receive a message from your spirit animal in your dream. Just like real life, a blue jay might want to send certain message when you are asleep. If you see a blue jay in your dream, then consider that it didn’t appear in your dream just randomly, rather there’s a good reason behind that. 

A blue jay might come in your dream to remind you that you are the center of most people’s attention, and people notice whatever you say. It might mean that someone close to you is in need of your assistance, and you should try to reach out to them and offer a helping hand. So when a blue jay comes in your dream, look around to see if someone needs your help and not being able to open up to you about it. You’ll also feel good after being able to help them. 

In addition, a blue jay in your dream might also mean that you need to let go of all the negative thoughts that are currently occupying your mind. Negative thoughts can negatively impact that creative mind of yours and stop you from being your natural self. You are not a person who should stop being him/her natural self at any cost, and your spirit animal might want to tell you exactly that. 

A blue jay can also try to warn you about something, especially if you have overlooked something that requires your attention urgently. If you have seen a blue jay in your dream, then you should check whether there is something important which have totally forgotten about. If nothing comes to your mind, you may ask your friends or family members if there is something which they want you to look at. You never known, you can discover something that might save you a lot of trouble. 

And lastly, seeing a blue jay in your dreams can be a message that you need to try a bit harder to adapt to a challenging situation that you are currently in. Usually you are a person who is quite flexible when it comes to being flexible and adaptive. Probably your spirit animal is trying to remind you of that when you are thinking that you won’t be able to do it. 


As you have read the article, now you know what to think of when a blue jay crosses your path. Probably you can already see that blue jays bring a lot of good vibes, and you should watch out for them as they bring good luck and positive motivations. 

When you are going through a hard time or a bad patch, seeing a blue jay will definitely lift your hopes up. This bird is not only beautiful in it looks, it also brings beautiful messages when you see it in real life or in your dream.

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