What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

Everything you need to know about dreams (what does it mean when you dream about someone)

A study shows that everyone in this world has ever dreamt. In fact, some researchers indicate that dreams are essential for your survival. The first day I also read about that, I was also amazed at how possible that is. Human being dreams about 3 to 6 times every night. It is possible to remember some of the dreams or still fail to. However, we can’t fail to note several factors are attributed to dream remembrance.

Everyone wishes to wake up and be in a position to tell what the dream implies. However, considering that there are several types of dreams, this has been limited. By now, you are almost scratching your head and wondering which the different types of dreams are. Be patient we will unravel that.

If you have ever had a nightmare, your goal right now might be to know what causes the dreams or, more importantly, how to avoid dreaming. Also, if those are your cares, I got you in mind.  Further, you will get answers to what it means when you dream about someone. Now, let’s get started.

What causes dreams?

Most scientists and researchers have come on board to identify the major causes of dreams. But to start, let us define what a dream is. Dreams are the succession of images or events in our minds when we are wholly or partly unconscious, mostly when we are asleep. The nature of the dream is affected by its cause. For example, if the source was a pleasant experience, then most likely, you will have a good dream. Likewise, after a traumatic experience, you are likely to have a distressing nightmare.

Nonetheless, dreams are not limited to our experiences. Some of the other dream causes are:

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental disorder that causes uneasiness.  It may be attributed to a positive or negative force. For example, when anticipating a significant and crucial event in the next day,you may have a fear of how things will turn out or else, have great anticipation for it to pass. This may cause a dream relating to the event. More often than not, you will spend a lot of time thinking about the cause of your anxiety. Consequently, it might be the last thing that rings in your mind before slipping to slumber, which causes it to replay back in your sleep.

  1. Sleeping disorder

This is yet another major cause of dreams. Change of your regular schedule of sleeping is likely to cause a dream. A good example is after taking a flight to a country with a different time zone. Also, insomnia, which is the lack of enough sleep, is mostly attributed to dreams. Likewise, hypersomnia, which implies sleeping for many hours than usual, is likely to be a cause. Thus it is always vital to get enough sleep and still not overdo.

  1. Drug abuse

If you are a drug abuser, then this might be the cause of your dreams. Excess use of drugs, or else lack of the drugs affect the functioning of the brain. Either an instant withdrawal from drugs triggers vivid dreams.

  1. Pregnancy

Many pregnant women have reported dreaming often than before. Pregnancy brings a change in the body due to the new hormones and probably hormonal imbalance. Hence, it causes the brain to behave differently, leading to a dream. Also, some of the newly pregnant women are likely to face anxiety,which is also a dream cause.


  1. Stress

Stress is greatly attributed to dreams after anxiety. It is related to past experiences such as depression.  Due to the intense emotional pressure, the person is likely to face a nightmare. Also, stress may cause a poor sleep which leads to dreams

Types of dreams

After discussing the different influences of dreams, let us now look at the different types of dreams. It is vital to note that the kind of dream is related to its cause.

  • Nightmares

While growing up, I wouldn’t dare watch a scary movie before a few hours to sleep. I always had the feeling that they would playback, which they did more often than not.  That was a good example of a nightmare dream. It is a dream which is related to scary scenes or images. Some of its major causes are traumatic experiences, fear, and lack of enough sleep

  • Night terror

Night terrors are likely to be confused with nightmares. Nonetheless, they got a slight difference. Like a nightmare, a night terror has scary and intimidating scenes. However, unlike a nightmare, the dreamer mostly wakes up screaming, sweating, breathing hard, having a disoriented posture, or a racing heartbeat.

  • Daydream

As the name suggests, this type of dream occurs while you are awake. Research shows that daydreaming in women may indicate lower life satisfaction. Daydreaming, which is also knowing as mind-wandering, involves both real or imagined events and people. Commonly it is referred to as zoning-out

  • False awakening

Have you ever felt that you are awake and already performed a particular task and still wake up in your mind with nothing done? If you have now, that is an example of a false awakening. This dream is likely to be attributed to anxiety or fear.

  • Prophetic dreams

Prophetic dreams act as a prediction of the future. In this type, you dream about something, and later it comes to pass. Most people refer to it as communications from the spiritual realm. Is there a way to influence a prophetic dream? Honestly, there isn’t a method that has been discovered to influence these dreams. In the same case, there isn’t a mechanism to differentiate between a prophetic and non-prophetic dream.

  • Lucid dreams

In lucid dreams, you are aware that you are in a dream. Consequently, you can control some of the happenings, such as events and the characters in the dream.  Scientific research shows that it is experienced by quite a few people. Luckily, it is possible to learn how to have control over a dream.

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Have you ever dreamt about someone? Maybe romancing the person or else lending a hand to that person? If yes, I am sure you would like to know what it means. You might dream about people you know in real life as well as people you don’t know. However, here I will focus on the person you already know. Dreaming about a person, you already may mean;

You feel lonely without them

Dreaming about someone may indicate that you feel left out in their lives. It may be a sign that you are still yearning for their acceptance back into their lives.  Consequently, when you are conscious, all your thoughts are about them. Therefore, you may cut off the existing friends and fail to create new experiences. As a result, your mind clings on the past pleasant memories.

You care about them

If you genuinely care about someone, you may have dreams about them regularly. For example, dreaming with your love partner, it may indicate the passion and love that you have for them.

You want them to admire you

Also, having desperation towards someone may cause you to dream about them. The need for attention may be there if the person keeps ignoring you. Consequently, all your efforts go unnoticed, which may cause you to think about them always.

The person is thinking about you

This might come as a surprise,but actually, dreaming about someone may be a sign that they are also thinking about you.  When dreaming about a coworker, ex, or a friend, they may be thinking of the last time you meant or else looking forward on the day they will see you again.

Someone might take advantage of you

Additionally, dreaming about someone may be a sign that they will cause emotional pain. Hence, the dream acts as a warning of the person’s motives. If you back flash on the relationship you have with the person, you are likely to be more vulnerable either emotionally or financially towards them.

How can one avoid dreaming?

Basically, to rid a nuisance thing, you have first to identify its root cause. The same applies to our situation. You can’t avoid having dreams caused by drug abuse by having enough sleep, right? With that said, lets us discuss some strategies you can use to prevent dreaming regularly.

  1. Having enough sleep

As discussed earlier,the lack of enough sleep or else excess of it may cause dreams. In such a predicament, the solution remains to get just enough sleep. However, in some situations, an individual may be having problems getting sleep, what should you do? In such a quandary, you will have to identify what makes you stay awake unnecessarily and try to avoid it. Also, having meditation a few minutes before drifting off can be of help. Meditation entails focusing your mind entirely on a particular thought or feeling without interruptions. For the heavy sleepers, you can try an alarm or inform someone to wake you up.

  1. Avoiding drug and substance abuse

Drugs and substance abuse leads to malfunctioning of the rain, which may power dreaming. Consequently, if you identify this the cause of your nightmares, then you will have to quit drug abuse. Caffeine and alcohol disrupt the sleep cycle. Hence, they should not be taken 5-6hours before sleeping. Nonetheless, an instant quit may also cause dreams. So what should you do in this case? Gradual quitting rarely works for drug abuse. Thus you should visit a doctor or a therapist

  1. Go for therapy

it is highly recommendable when having nightmares or night terror. Past traumatic experiences mostly cause such types of dreams. Consequently, the individual may have stress, depression, or anxiety. Visiting a therapist helps in overcoming the cause of depression, which later may be handy in preventing dreaming. Also, in situations where the individual is in a denial state of a particular occurrence may be an excellent pathway to dreams. Hence, the individual needs to come up in terms of reality.

  1. Talk about your dream or journal

Psychologist suggests that writing about your dreams or sharing them with your partner or friend can be a pathway to overcoming them. Failing to share an emotionally draining dream may cause anxiety. Thus, it creates a pathway for another dream. If you can’t share the experience with a friend, then a therapist may work for you. Nonetheless, you can journal the dream and keep it as a secret between you and the diary.

  1. Media avoidance

In my case, my dreams are mostly caused by watching scary movies. Thus if I can’t keep myself from watching the movie, I will do it during the day. Preferably, I will watch with a group of people to cheer me up. I hope you can adopt that strategy if nightmares always follow you after having a scary movie.

  1. Sleep on your right side rather than the left side

Sleeping position influences dreams. Studies show that people who sleep on their stomachs are likely to have an erotic dream. Also, the people who lie on their right side have more positive dreams compared to the left side sleepers. Face up position increases the chances of snoring and also affects the spine condition. A study by the hongkong university stated  that people who sleep on their backs have vivid dreams, such as having a romance or being locked up.  If you think that your sleeping position affects your dream, you can consider changing.

  1. Physical exercise

30-60 minutes of exercise might be all you need to avoid the nightmares and night terrors. Physical activity promotes the well-being of the body, which later encourages anight of good sleep. Also, it helps in strengthening the muscles and influence the good functioning of the brain. A study from the Appalachian state university in 2013 showed that work out early in the morning promotes a night of good sleep and rare to dreams.


Every person dreams 3-6 times in every complete sleep cycle. Several things influence the nature of our dreams. Consequently, every type of dream has a cause. Also, it is common to dream about a friend, relative, love partner, or ex. Such dreams may keep you thinking all day, which may affect your productivity. Do you want to know what such dreams mean? If yes, this article is a must-read. Further, you will get to know the different types of dreams and their causes. However, more importantly, you will get some techniques that will be handy in stopping dreams.

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