Top 10 Best Hammock Straps for 2021

Imagine you laying down in the middle of a forest with trees saving you from the evening sun and mountains. The hammock under you is so comfortable that you could almost feel yourself falling asleep. You’re good, life is good. Hey, who doesn’t like a good nature trip once in a while?

But then, disaster strikes. You barely have a moment to react as the rope gives away, and you plummet to the ground. We understand that one bad accident can ruin an entire trip, that’s why you need to make sure you’re ready for everything everywhere, and have the best hammock strap with you.

Why are hammock straps so important?

To get the most out of your hammock, you must also have a great pair of hammock straps. These are the suspension systems that actually attaches each end of your hammock to supporting objects to keep it off the ground. A good hammock strap will not only keep you off the ground, it will also provide you with a certain level of comfy bed-like feeling.

Hammocks are portable beds to take a comfortable nap. A good camping trip includes hanging you’re hammock in between two trees, putting your feet up, sunglasses down and sipping on a freshly made pina colada. Besides, hammocks can also be used indoors or for simple outdoor picnics other than camping. Hammocks come in different shapes, forms and from different quantities.

But like most good things in life, all hammocks are not created equal. A high-quality hammock won’t do you much good if the straps that comes with it are weak or defective. Investing in highly quality straps for your hammock is crucial, and in some cases life saving. Without them, you won’t be able to relax in your hammock with the peace of mind that it’s securely attached.

But researching for straps seem like overdoing it. That’s why we’ve done the hard part for you. Via thorough market and product research, we have compiled a list of our top 10 hammock straps. Feel free to take a look through our list before deciding on your final purchase.

Our top 10 hammock straps for a safe and hassle free camping experience:

Product Name       Ratings
Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Atlas Suspension System

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps

Kammock Python 10 Straps

MalloMe XL Versatile Hammock Straps

GOLDEN EAGLE Hammock Straps Set

Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Helios Suspension System

OxStraps Ridiculous Color Suspension Straps

Byer of Maine MicroRopes

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps

  • 98%
  • 98%
  • 97%
  • 96%
  • 95%
  • 92%
  • 89%
  • 86%
  • 86%
  • 85%


Hammocks have been huge lately. They can be seen everywhere. And they are all over camping sites, whether they be at the park, beach, campground, or the forest. They are gaining in popularity in the nature loving community because they offer unparalleled relaxation and comfort. Hammock straps are able to provide you with the support you need to stay off the ground. Also, if you’re looking for a perfect gift for your adventurous friend or need a comfortable place to sleep after an outdoor picnic, a hammock strap would be a perfect companion for you. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg. In fact, there are a variety of high-quality options that you can get for a fairly cheap price.

1. Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Atlas Suspension System

Rating: 98%

The ENO Atlas system is an excellent choice due to its durability, lack of stretching, easy installation, and price point. The ENO hammock strap and suspension system is designed to be super lightweight and allows a safe suspension of the anchor points 25 feet apart. You will find the 15 adjustment loops on each strap handy, as it will help you adjust the length of the hammock as you desire. For campers who want a reliable suspension system, Atlas is an excellent choice.

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  • 30 adjustable loops- 15 on each side
  • Anchor points 25 feet apart
  • Comes with 3 adjustment points to avoid stretching
  • Can hold up to 200 pounds on each side- 400 pounds total
  • Made of durable polyester webbing
  • Daisy chain design for customization
  • Pairs perfectly with any ENO Hammock
  • Added storage bag
Pros Cons
  • 30 adjustable loops- 15 on each side
  • Highlighted adjustment points
  • Daisy chain design 
  • Holds up to 400lbs
  • Durable Poly-filament webbing
  • Environment friendly company
  • A bit bulky


2. Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

Rating: 98%

The Rallt straps are a decent set of straps to last you for many happy hammocking trips.. If you’re tired of saggy hammocks then Rallt hammock straps are here to the rescue. The Rallt straps have two straps each has a length of 10 feet which gives a combined length of 20 feet that will help your hammock stay in place in all weather conditions. These straps are more compact than some other models, but don’t let their size fool you — they’re also very reliable, boasting a breaking strength of over 2000 pounds.

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  • Can hold up to 500 pounds
  • Breaking strength- 700 pounds
  • Polyester tubular webbing
  • Weighs 11.7 ounces
  • Dryer safe on lowest setting
  • Reflective tracers for visibility
  • Has 36 adjustable loops
  • Strong bar tack stitching
  • Comes with a small carry bag
Pros Cons
  • Can hold up to 2000 pounds
  • Can fit into any 4″ x 4″ x 1.5″ bag easily.
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable
  • 36 adjustable loops
  • Dryer safe
  • Super light- 11.7 ounces
  • Carabiners need to be bought separately


3. Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock Straps

Rating: 97%

Serious backpackers should consider Nature’s Hangout XL Hammock straps because they are stable and can accommodate big, old-growth trees. These are one of the strongest products out there in the market. Made with ultra-heavy weights in mind, they are absolutely durable and trustworthy. These 10-foot, no stretch polyester options feature a daisy-chained loop system, making adjustments a cinch. In strength, ease of use, and overall dependability, Nature’s Hangout XL straps outperform the competition. It is also highly recommended for beginners due to the easy setup.

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  • Anchor feet 28 feet apart
  • Can hold up to 700 pounds
  • Breaking strength- 700 pounds
  • 48 adjustable loops
  • Easy 90 second setup
  • Daisy chained loop system
  • Made of no stretch polyester
  • Lifetime guaranteed
Pros Cons
  • Ultra strong and very durable
  • Has 48 adjustment points
  • Easy setup
  • Daisy chained loop system
  • Material used is no stretch polyester
  • Comes with Carabiners
  • A bit on the expensive side


4. Kammock Python 10 Straps


Durable, no-nonsense, and flexible may not describe you, but it should describe your hammock straps. Patented Nanoweave™ technology eliminates extra stitching and bulk, while strengthening the hammock straps overall.  With a maximum weight limit of 500 lb, Kammock’s Python 10 straps are pretty durable. When not in use, coil the Python straps down into their Sil/PU coated stuff sack. At a combined 20 feet with 20 points of connection per strap, the Python 10 straps enable you to achieve the perfect hang at any campsite.

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  • Patented Nanoweave™ technology
  • Maximum weight- 500 pounds
  • Anchor points are 20 feet apart
  • 20 connection points per strap- 40 in total
  • Provided PU stuff sack
  • High tenacity polyester webbing
  • Covered by Kammok’s lifetime warranty
  • Reflective tracers in the webbing add visibility in low light
Pros Cons
  • Durable – 500 pounds yield
  • 40 connection points in total
  • Provided Sil/ PU stuff sack
  • High tenacity polyester webbing
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reflective tracers
  • Due to short anchor point length, extenders may be needed.


5. MalloMe XL Versatile Hammock Straps

Rating: 95%

The MalloMe XL Versatile Hammock Straps is a very versatile Hammock strap. This is an excellent 12 feet long, 1-inch wide tree friendly strap. The breaking strength for each of these straps is 1000 pounds, which adds up to a whopping 2000 pounds on both sides. A total of 40 loops reduces sagging, providing a uniform and robust distribution of tension all through the length and breadth of the hammock. With a daisy chain loop system that allows for easy height adjustment of the hammock, the entire setup system is a piece of cake. The high quality polyester webbing means the hammock remains sturdy and durable, even when wet. The MalloMe XL Versatile Hammock Straps provide superb performance and comes at a pocket-friendly price. This will make your camping a lot cozier without any hassles.


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  • Polyester webbing material that does not stretch
  • 40 adjustment loops
  • Breaking weight of around 2000 pounds
  • 24 inch anchor gap
  • Easy setup
  • Very affordable
  • Comes with carabiners
  • Comes with a bag
Pros Cons
  • High quality polyester material
  • 40 Adjustment loops
  • Very high breaking weight- 2000 pounds
  • Comes with carabiners
  • Durable
  • Slightly heavy


6. GOLDEN EAGLE Hammock Straps Set

Rating: 92%

Golden Eagle’s hammock straps set are very long and easy to use. These come with a stainless steel carabiner on one end and a metal ring on the other. And, because they have a combined weight capacity that exceeds 1000 pounds, you and your partner can share your hammock with relative peace of mind. This product uses heavy duty polyester and somehow only weighs 3-4 pounds. With great user review, these are a great option to go for.


  • Carry pouch is a part of the package
  • 10 ft long on each side- 20 feet in total
  • Maximum usage weight- 1000 pounds
  • Comes with two heavy duty carabiner hooks
  • Stretch resistant
  • No need to tie knots during installation
  • Heavy duty polyester stitching that ensures durability
  • 60 seconds quick and easy setup
  • Tree friendly 
  • Works with virtually any hammock
  • Comes with No questions asked 100% Money back guarantee
  • Lightweight- Weighs 3/4 pound
Pros Cons
  • High quality polyester webbing- stretch resistant
  • Very light- Weighs 3-4 pounds
  • 60 seconds easy setup
  • Comes with carabiners
  • Comes with money back guarantee
  • Relatively unknown brand


7. Eagle’s Nest Outfitters Helios Suspension System

Rating: 89%

The ENO Helios suspension system is an excellent choice for minimalist campers due to their small size. This system is the ultimate choice in lightweight hammock straps and is easy to pack and simple to set up. Crafted from super-strong Silverlite™ line with a polyester blend tree sling, the Helios sets up in a flash and provides superior adjustment with a bury splice. Includes a Sil Nylon Compression Stuff Sack that compacts the straps down to the backpack friendly size of 3″ x 4″. 

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  • Ultralight- Only 6.5 ounces
  • Very long for it’s weight- 8 feet on each side
  • Includes Sil Nylon Compression Stuff sack
  • Crafted from super-strong Silverlite™ line
  • Polyester blend tree sling
  • Provides superior adjustment with a bury splice
  • Designed to hold up to 300 pounds
  • Microtune™ Adjustable System
Pros Cons
  • Microtune™ Adjustable System
  • Crafted from super-strong Silverlite™ line
  • Ultralight- Only 6.5 ounces
  • Polyester blend tree sling
  • Includes Sil Nylon Compression Stuff sack
  • Can only hold up to 300 pounds


8. OxStraps Color Suspension Straps

Rating: 86%

These beautiful ultra bright suspension straps from OxStraps take a few extra points just for their raw aesthetic appeal. This strap features heavy duty polyester stitching that prevents stretching, stitch ripping, and tearing even in the rain. Along with supreme durability, there are no complicated knots to learn while still begin able to safely suspend by anchor points over twenty feet apart. And the bright neon color will ensure that your straps are always visible, which is always a big plus. They are a nice 1.5 inches wide, and this will add to their load-bearing strength and the 10 foot length of each strap is sufficient for most ordinary needs.


  • 20 feet anchor gap
  • 30 adjustable loops
  • Polyester webbing with triple stitching on first loop
  • 1.5 inch wide for extra strength
  • Very lightweight- Only 11 Ounces
  • Very aesthetically appealing
  • Provided instructions eBook
Pros Cons
  • 30 adjustable loops
  • Polyester webbing
  • Widest on the market- 1.5 inches
  • Very light- 11 Ounces
  • Bright, visible neon color
  • Very flimsy metal clip arrangement for strap to go through
  • Triple stitch only on first loop


9. Byer of Maine MicroRopes

Rating: 86%

The MicroRope features strong polyester ropes and tree friendly polyester straps with two aluminum adjustable slides to take up the slack between fixed hanging points. Up to 10 feet of adjustment is provided when using both of the ropes. They are specifically designed to not harm any trees when hung and to take up a minimal amount of room in your pack. These beautiful straps were made with durability in mind, with company providing a lifetime guarantee. If you want a strap for rugged and long haul use, this is the one to go for.


  • Very durable- made for the long haul
  • Intuitive connection slides
  • Very light- 9.2 Ounces
  • Very compact- Can be put into small bags
  • Lifetime warranty by manufacturer
  • Aluminum slides
  • Polyester webbing rope
  • Maximum capacity is 330 pounds.
Pros Cons
  • Very durable
  • Light model- 9.2 ounces
  • Compact
  • Great material- Polyester and aluminum
  • Maximum capacity- 330 Pounds
  • May not work with a lot of hammocks.
  • Not very tree friendly


10. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps

Rating: 85%

Wise Owl’s straps are easy to use, dependable, and don’t sag. With plenty of length to wrap around the biggest of trees, setup is a cinch: a quick clip and that’s it! Having 38 daisy-chain loops, this makes for a beginner-friendly hang-system. You can adjust away to your heart’s content finding that perfect tension and hang for the best night’s sleep. Polyester straps are extremely durable that provide utmost strength and doesn’t stretch at all. These straps are very strong and they will not stretch out. Move the included carabiner to any one of the loops to attain the perfect height and comfort level.

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  • 400 pounds maximum capacity
  • 19 adjustable loops on each side- 38 in total
  • Fits well with all types of hammocks
  • 20 feet long straps
  • Daisy chain loops for great adjustment
  • Very versatile
  • Polyester webbing straps make them very durable
  • Very strong and no stretch
  • Very easy setup
  • Full 1 inch wide
  • Tree friendly
Pros Cons
  • 38 Daisy chain loops
  • Full 1 inch wide
  • Polyester webbing giving it durability
  • Easy setup
  • Very strong and versatile
  • Slightly heavy
  • Color not very visible at night


Why invest in a good hammock strap?

The last thing you want after a long hike is to set up camp and struggle to suspend your hammock to get the perfect hang. Part of the allure of hammock camping is getting that great view from your sleeping spot, and a good strap system makes hanging your hammock a breeze. Whether you’re new to hammock camping or you’ve been at it for years, it’s impossible to get the most out of your hammock if you don’t have a great set of hammock tree straps you can rely on. And if you’re a seasoned hanger, you know hammock tree huggers make up the suspension system that attaches the ends of your hammock to the objects that will support it and keep it off the ground. 

A good hammock strap provides above all, peace of mind. The safer you feel putting your head to rest based on two straps, the more worthwhile your new strap is. 

How to pick a good hammock strap?

Hammocks straps come in all price ranges. From very cheap to very very expensive. While it might look like a tough choice to pick a specific one from such a wide range of options, you can boil your options down to a few specific factors- durability, dimensions, brand reputation and value for money. Here’s why:-

Durability: Most options on our list are made with polyester webbing. Polyester webbing gives straps a special type of strength, making them much harder to tear or wear through. However, often other materials or special variants of polyester are added to the mix. These either make or break the deal. We suggest you look through all the make materials and research if you want a specific type of strap.

Dimensions:  Now this one is pretty self explanatory. Some hammock straps are much larger than others, while others are just a tad bit wider. Wider hammock straps are more tree-friendly, as the straps lay flat on the tree; not causing any damage. Longer straps give you more reach. However, always keep the number of adjustable loops in consideration. If you just have a long strap with too few adjustment points, you’ll just be left with a long piece of rope. 

Brand Reputation: Okay, this might sound weird coming from a guy who just told you why you should give cheap, lowkey but great straps a chance. But going for safe brands are always a great way to go. In general, always look for brand reviews on the internet before settling on that brand. These reviews will give you an insight as to what company you’re putting your trust in.

Value for money: Famous brand doesn’t always mean the best product. Startups like CHILL GORILLA are new to the market, but their products have gained wide positive acclaim in a very short span of time. It’s important to give these new companies a fair chance before you buy your product. They will often provide better products at a more cost efficient rate.

Also, feel free to look out for specific designs or colors of hammock straps that you might like. This isn’t as important, but if it makes you feel better than it’s worth it.


Should I go for straps over ropes?

Definitely. Tying your hammock down with a simple rope might seem like the easy way to go. But that means you’re putting your life and your back in the hands of untested material. Hammock straps are specifically made to lift hammock weight, so you’re chances of plummeting to an untimely back-pain is much lesser.

Should I buy extenders with straps?

This one completely depends on how and where you decide to go camping. Some places don’t have regular tree cover. Meaning your hammock posts might be further apart. Take extenders if you’re going somewhere with lesser greenery.

Does The Strap Hurt The Trees?

Most straps that we have reviewed are made with tree friendly materials and they are very gentle on the trees. The straps usually have one-inch width that helps prevent damaging the tree by putting less strain on them.

Final thoughts- Hammock straps

When on a camping adventure, you’re not always sure where your campsite is going to be, which can make it difficult to predict how and where you’re going to hang your hammock. So, to get the most out of your hammock, you will need a great pair of hammock straps. This will ensure that you will get the support you need to keep you off the ground as well as hang your sleeping apparatus virtually anywhere.

We have picked the 10 best hammock straps available in the market to help you have a fun, carefree and safe trip without having to worry about the shabby strap. A list of pros and cons will help you choose the right strap for you. Don’t be afraid to look around a bit for yourself, and the list of pros and cons were added just to aid you in that process.

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