The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Bali 2021| THETRAVEL101

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In Bali 2021| THETRAVEL101

The less good news beforehand: dream beaches like the Maldives or Thailand with white, powdery sand and shallow, turquoise blue water you will hardly find on Bali. Bali offers beaches for all tastes and needs. On Bali there are beaches for surfers, bathing tourists, divers and snorkelers, for water sports, peace seekers and people who want to party.

Below you will find information and tips for the 10 most beautiful beaches in Bali.

1. Jimbaran


Suitable for holiday and bathing holiday with a thicker wallet.

Location: In the southwest of Bali, distance from the airport: 25 to 30 minutes by car. The four-kilometer-long Jimbaran Beach tops the list of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. The beach has light, mostly fine sand and is in places 60 to 80 meters wide. The big advantage of Jimbaran Beach is that, unlike most beaches in Bali, it is good for swimming. An offshore reef protects the beach from excessive waves and strong surf.

With its luxury hotels, Jimbaran is one of the most expensive beaches in Bali. Jimbaran is best known for its excellent seafood restaurants with a huge selection of freshly caught fish and other seafood. Many of the approximately 50 restaurants are located directly on the beach and are also popular sunset points.

Jimbaran itself is little more than a larger street village and not comparable to the large holiday resorts Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Apart from a few supermarkets, a few souvenir shops and restaurants, there is little infrastructure in Jimbaran. You can check this article: 30 THINGS TO DO IN BALI

Hotel Tips for Jimbaran

  • Good middle-range hotels in Jimbaran include the Kubu Kak Dudung Villas * , the Keraton Jimbaran Resort * and the Moments Villa Jimbaran * .
  • Beautiful, but also more expensive, you can stay in the Mango Tree Villas * , the InterContinental Bali Resort * and Jamahal Private Resort & SPA – adults only * .
  • Good and cheap in Jimbaran include The Celuk Homestay * , Kubu Turah Homestay * and The Capella * .
  • You can find many other hotels, villas and hostels in Jimbaran in the hotel overview * on

2. Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

Suitable for surfers, individual tourists, backpackers, peace seekers.

Location: In the south of Bali on the peninsula Bukit, distance from the airport: 40 to 50 minutes by car
Balangan Beach is one of my new discoveries in Bali. The beach is really nice and the atmosphere is relaxed. The approximately 800-meter long bay with its yellowish, somewhat coarse-grained sandy beach is a meeting place for surfers and backpackers from all over the world.

At sunset, the bars and restaurants fill up on piles slightly elevated on the beach. Even as a non-surfer or surfers like me, you can sit here for hours, watch the surfers ride on the waves, watch the sunset over the cliffs, and drink an ice-cold Bintang beer. The food in the restaurants is good and inexpensive.

Most restaurants and bars on Balangan Beach rent umbrellas and loungers, some even simple, inexpensive rooms for surfers. Boards can be borrowed from surf schools and rentals around the small wooden bridge on the southern end of the beach. Because of the strong surf and high waves, swimming at Balangan Beach is only partially possible. If swimming and swimming are important to you, the best place to stay is a few meters above the beach, for example at La Joya * or La Joya II Biu-Biu * . Both resorts have large, beautiful swimming pools.

Hotel Tips for Balangan Beach:

  • Good mid-range Balangan Beach hotels include The Point Beach-Front Balangan * , Aman Gati Balangan * and Le Yanandra * .
  • Beautiful, but also more expensive you live in the La Joya * , La Joya II Biu-Biu * and La Cabane * .
  • Cheap on Balangan Beach include the Jimmy Brothers Beach Front Balangan * , the Santai Warung Bali * and the Balangan Paradise Hostel and Restaurant * .

3. Kuta

Suitable for surfers, party goers, backpackers, all-inclusive vacationers.

Location: In the southwest of Bali, distance from the airport: 15 to 20 minutes by car
Kuta has always been a popular surf spot and also the main party mile of Bali. At the five-kilometer-long, bright sandy beach, you can borrow boards, umbrellas and sun loungers every few feet. There are no accommodations on the beach itself. Most hotels are located between the parallel to the beach and busy Jl. Pantai Kuta and the Jl. Legian.

Kuta is the largest resort in Bali. The tourist infrastructure has grown over decades. In addition to numerous hotels and hostels, there are plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, shopping malls and surf schools. In Kuta you can eat and live both chic and expensive as well as easy and cheap.

One of the most popular backpackers in Kuta is Poppies II. In addition to reasonably priced hostels, there are also numerous street stalls selling textiles, souvenirs and knick-knacks.

Party and party in the Pyramid Club, the Bounty Discotheque, the Sky Garden or the Hypnotized Club. At Kuta Beach, swimming and swimming are only partially possible. In dangerous undercurrents or excessive surf Baden is prohibited. The ban on swimming is indicated by red flags.

Hotel Tips for Kuta:

  • Good mid-range hotels in Kuta include the Kuta Puri Bungalows * , the Bali Garden Beach Resort * and the D’Sriwing Villa Gallery * .
  • Beautiful, but also more expensive, you can stay at The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali * , Poppies Bali * and Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort * .
  • Good and cheap in Kuta are the Un’s Hotel * , the Easy Surf Camp * and the Celebbest Kuta Hostel * .
  • You can find many other accommodations in Kuta in the hotel overview * on

4. Legian

Suitable for surfers, all-inclusive vacationers.

Location: In the southwest of Bali between Kuta and Seminyak, distance from the airport: 20 to 30 minutes by car
Legian is similar to the south adjacent Kuta. The only difference is that Legian is a bit more expensive and fancier than Kuta. In Legian there are mainly hotels in the middle to upper price range, cheap hostels less.

Also, the restaurants, bars and shops in Legian are consistently classier than in Kuta. In addition to the usual souvenir, electronics and sports shops, there are also small, fine boutiques and art galleries.

The beach of Legian is about 2.5 kilometers long and at low tide as wide as a football field. There are numerous beach bars with tables, chairs and colorful bean bags where you can chill and enjoy the really beautiful sunsets.

Like Kuta, Legian is a popular surfing spot and only partially suitable for swimming and swimming. If red flags are blowing on the beach, you should pay attention to the ban on swimming!

Hotel tips for Legian:

  • Good mid-range hotels in Legian include D’Kubu Legian * , The Lokha Legian Resort and Spa * and The Magani Hotel and Spa * .
  • Beautiful, but also more expensive, you can stay at the Bali Niksoma Boutique Beach Resort * , Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana * and Padma Resort Bali at Legian * .
  • Good and cheap in Legian are the Bali Chaya Hotel Legian * , the Arca Bungalows * and the Borough Capsule Hostel Bali * .
  • You can find many more accommodations in Legian in the hotel overview * on

5. Seminyak


Suitable for vacationers, surfers, partygoers with a thicker wallet.

Location: In the southwest of Bali north of Legian, distance from the airport: about 30 minutes by car
Just as Kuta and Legian almost seamlessly merge into each other, Legian moves into the northern Seminyak. At first glance, there is no significant difference between Legian and Seminyak. Even the colorful beanbags of the beach bars are the same.

At second glance, at the latest while studying the menus in the restaurants, but then shows that Seminyak is more expensive, chic and hip than Legian. The same applies to the bars, shops and hotels * .

If you want to eat well and eat well in Seminyak, you should go to La Lucciola, Gado Gado or Metis.

You can celebrate in “Hu’us”, Ku De Ta or Double Six. You’re a queer? Then the Club Cosmo or the Q-Bar are the better locations for you.

The beach of Seminyak is one and a half kilometers long, at low tide sometimes more than 100 meters wide and offers as Kuta and Legian also good surfing conditions. When swimming and swimming is also here: Caution in too high waves and undercurrents! When the bath is prohibited, red flags are hoisted on the beach.

Hotel Tips for Seminyak:

  • Good mid-range hotels in Seminyak include the Puri Cendana Resort Bali * , the Raja Gardens Hotel * and the Bali Agung Village * .
  • Beautiful, but more expensive, you can stay at Royal Beach Seminyak Bali – MGallery Collection * , The Oberoi Bali * and Double – Six, Luxury Hotel – Seminyak * .
  • Good and cheap in Seminyak are the Sleepwell Seminyak * , Juada Garden * and the Ping Hotel Seminyak Bali * .
  • You will find many other accommodations in Seminyak in the hotel overview * on

6. Sanur


Suitable for holiday and bathing holidays, families with children.

Location: In the southeast of Bali, distance from the airport: 30 to 35 minutes by car
The Sanur Beach is like the Jimbaran Beach good for swimming and swimming. An offshore coral reef protects the beach from high waves. Since the beach drops off flat, it is also suitable for a beach holiday with children. At low tide, however, swimming is only partially possible because the water goes back a long way.

The beach of Sanur is about three kilometers long and has bright sand. Although Sanur is one of Bali’s major tourist centers, it is quieter here than in Kuta or Legian.

Parallel to Sanur Beach runs the several kilometers long Beachwalk, a popular boulevard in Sanur.

Most of the hotels and restaurants are located in the center of the village, including the Jl. Danau Poso, the Jl. Danau Tamblingan and the Jl. Cemara.

Hotel Tips for Sanur:

  • Good middle class hotels in Sanur include the Jepun Villa Sanur * , the Akana Boutique Hotel * and the Taksu Sanur Hotel * .
  • Beautiful, but also more expensive , you can stay at Tandjung Sari Hotel * , Griya Santrian a Beach Resort * and Puri Santrian * .
  • Good and cheap in Sanur are the Sunhouse Guesthouse * , the Ngetis Home Stay * and the Cafe Locca Hostel * .
  • You can find many more hotels, villas and hostels in Sanur in the hotel overview * on

7. Nusa Dua

Suitable for package and bathing holidaymakers with a thick wallet.

Location: In the south of Bali on the peninsula Bukit, distance from the airport: Depending on the route and traffic between 30 and 50 minutes by car
Nusa Dua is a luxury oasis for tourists, secluded from the outside world. Nusa Dua has some of the most expensive hotels in Bali, where you can enjoy all the comforts.

You do not need to leave Nusa Dua to dance, attend a theater or play golf. The tourist deluxe paradise surrounded by walls and safety barriers offers discotheques, theaters, golf courses and several other sports and leisure facilities.

The bright and almost clinically clean beach of Nusa Dua is ideal for swimming. Again, an offshore coral reef protects the gently sloping beach from high waves and strong surf.

Hotel Tips for Nusa Dua:

  • Good mid-range hotels in Nusa Dua include The Grand Bali Nusa Dua * , the Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua Resort * and the Ayodya Resort Bali * .
  • Beautiful, but more expensive, you can stay at The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa * , The St. Regis Bali Resort * , Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villa & Spa * , Inaya Putri Bali * and Bali National Golf Villas * .
  • Good and cheap in Nusa Dua are the Mercure Bali Nusa Dua * , the Grand Whiz Hotel Nusa Dua Bali * and the Airy Nusa Dua Pratama 8 Benoa Bali * .
  • You will find many other hotels in Nusa Dua in the hotel overview * on

8. Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa

Suitable for water sports, package and beach holiday.

Location: In the south of Bali on the peninsula Bukit north of Nusa Dua, distance from the airport: 35 to 40 minutes by car. Tanjung Benoa is a headland north of Nusa Dua, on the northwest side of which extends a several kilometers long, sandy beach. Although Tanjung Benoa is also suitable for a beach holiday, but is mainly a paradise for water sports.

As far as water sports and fun water sports are concerned, you can let off steam in Tanjung Benoa. The offer ranges from parasailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding and flying fish to seawalking, diving and snorkeling.

In the peak season, between July and September, Tanjung Benoa can be quite crowded. Most water sports are on the northern beach section. There you should pay special attention while bathing.

Hotel Tips:

  • You can eat good Balinese food in Tanjung Benoa in one of the two “Bumbu Bali” restaurants. The rice plates there are awesome! The “Bumbu Bali” also offers cooking classes.
  • Hotel Tips for Tanjung Benoa
    Good mid-range hotels in Tanjung Benoa include Rumah Bali * , Benoa Sea Suites & Villas by Premier Hospitality Asia * , Sadara Boutique Beach Resort * and Bali Reef Resort * .
  • Inexpensive you live in Tanjung Benoa, among others at the Pondok Agung Bed & Breakfast * and Palm Bamboo Hotel * .
  • You will find many other accommodations in Tanjung Benoa in the hotel overview * on

9. Lovina


Suitable for beach lovers, individual tourists, backpackers.

Location: In the north of Bali, distance from the airport: just under 3 hours by car
Lovina is a good choice for individual tourists and backpackers. In Lovina, things are a bit quieter and more uncommercial than in the big holiday centers in the south of Bali.

Lovina is off the beaten track in the north of Bali. The name Lovina (a word combination from “Love” and “Indonesia”) stands for a ten-kilometer stretch of coastline, consisting of seven villages and several stretches of beach. The beaches are not quite as dark as in z. B. in Pemuteran or Amed (see below) and are (at least at high tide) also good for swimming and swimming.

The center of Lovina is the village Kalibukbuk with a dolphin statue by the sea and the Jl. Binaria. The Jl. Binaria is the central street in Kalibukbuk. Here you will find many nice restaurants, warungs, bars, cafes, small supermarkets, shops and inexpensive homestays.

The beach resorts are spread over the entire, ten-kilometer stretch of coastline. Most of them are middle class resorts. There are also some expensive resorts and villas as well as a number of cheap bungalow resorts.

Hotel Tips for Lovina:

  • Good mid-range hotels in Lovina include the Pandawa Village * , the Chonos Hotel Lovina * and the Geriya Amertha Sari * .
  • Beautiful, but also more expensive you live in the Villa Teman * , in the Padmasari Resort Lovina * and in the Lata Lama * .
  • Good and cheap in Lovina are the studio Lumbung * , the Pondok Wisata Elsa 2 * and the Lovina Central Hostel * .
  • You can find many more hotels in Lovina in the hotel overview * on

10. Padang Bai

Padang Bai

Suitable for divers, snorkelers, individual tourists, backpackers.

Location: In the east of Bali, distance from the airport: about 1.5 hours by car
Padang Bai is fishing village and ferry port at the same time. Padang Bai ferries to the Gili Islands , Lombok , Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan.

The village beach of Padang Bai is about half a kilometer long, light and fine-sanded. However, the beach is due to the many fishing boats (Jukungs) neither for sunbathing nor for swimming. There is also a lot of trash on the beach, and the water with the many ferries arriving and departing makes everything but a clean impression.

Just a few minutes walk from Padang Bai are two of the most beautiful beaches in Bali: the Blue Lagoon and the White Sand Beach (Pantai Bias Tugal or even Pantai Kecil). Both beaches are located in small rocky creeks covered with palm trees, trees and shrubs and have bright, almost white sand and turquoise waters.

Unfortunately, in both the Blue Lagoon and the White Sand Beach the surf is often so strong that unscrupulous swimming and snorkeling are rarely possible. Divers who go further out from the boat into the water have better maps.

Blue Lagoon and Pantai Bias Tugal have no accommodations, just a handful of beach bars. You have to stay overnight in nearby Padang Bai. Most resorts in Padang Bai * are Dive Resorts and are located on Beach Road.

You can go diving in Padang Bai at local dive sites like Blue Lagoon or Panatai Bias Tugal. Diving trips to Amed (see below), to the Gili Islands, to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan are offered by most dive centers in Padang Bai.

Restaurant Tips: “Topis Inn” and “Puri Rai” (both on Beach Road).

Hotel Tips for Padang Bai:

  • Good and cheap in Padang Bai are the Bay View House * , the Fat Barracuda Hostel * and the Celagi Inn * .
  • More beautiful and expensive, you will stay at Absolute Scuba Bali Dive Resort * , OK Divers Resort & Spa * and above the Blue Lagoon at Bloo Lagoon Village * .

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